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  • Internet Hospitality Solutions
  • Website design
  • Web site hosting
  • Content management Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Building Concepts

Internet application development and back-end systems integration experience covers a wide range of solutions including: Application Architecture and system designs; web enabling technologies and scalable product database development and designs. Quantum Designs takes care of all technical aspects including web hosting with a team of engineers and programmers skilled in HTML, DHTML, PERL, JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT, C, C++, ACTIVE X and Assembly language.

Web Designing:
We provide our clients with an interactive experience designs and content structure and management. Interactive experience designs include; visual and user interface designs, Internet Branding, and identity management, web visual guidelines, and information Architecture and site navigation. Content structure and management includes: content and information architecture, custom-driven content development, content editing and original content creation.

Online Marketing:
online marketing services delivers effective e-marketing solutions to clients in order to ensure brand effectiveness over the internet, These include Search Engine Optimization, affiliate marking, online advertising, mail programs, database marketing and promotions, e-branding and positioning, e-cards and customer loyalty programs

Domain Expertise:
Our expertise lies in the Travel, Communications and integration, Hospitality, Human Recourses and Printing web applications.